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THEWORD Portable - This portable version is free and modified by the Site's Electronic Bibles for use in computers and pendrives Linux or Windows. It runs easily in both operating environments. Fota in the above it is running on BRLix. Take the test and check.

Use in Pendrive or Desktops, in systems Linux and Windows - Download the program to your desktop or Pendrive. Choose whether to keep it zipped or uncompressed. To use it, even compressed, open the downloaded file in Winrar. Winrar on your double-click the file Portable.zip The Word and then click the "theword.exe" and the program will open automatically. This tip is to use it on the Desktop or Pendrive, but on Windows computers. If you unpack the Pendrive, it works both in computers and windows in linux. The only requirement is that linux has the Wine emulator.

Use in Linux - First, make sure your Linux has the Wine program. Download and unzip the file to a folder of the Linux of your choice. He will not be installed on the system. This version does not require the installation of conventional linux. To open the Word on your linux open the folder and look for the already decompressed theword.exe icon and click it with the right mouse button, choose "Open with Wine" and ready.
Same features of the standard version - Comes with the same features of standard version: text in English of the King James Version of 1769, the version of the Darby Bible, 1889 and web version. Translations of the Biblical text in several other languages. Provides a tool for comparative study of various versions / languages at the same time, automatic download of updates, download the biblical text in six languages, including Greek. Brand offers text, quick search, the notebook linked to verses and footnotes. The program can be set for several layouts: novice, simple and complete study. In the layout "study," she opens up to four windows with the versions selected, allowing to compare the texts of Kjv with WEB, the Darby and Greek, for example. It is a unique tool for those working in various languages and versions. It takes some time to explore all the tools. Lets see the screen of the program in several languages, in addition to Portuguese, English. It has several translations of the biblical text to be downloaded. See:

mostrando idiomas            mostrando versões 

Differential version of - wheel from desktops or pendrives and Windows or Linux environments. Something unprecedented in terms of software. This version contains the texts of the Bible translation of João Ferreira de Almeida (ACF) in Brazilian Portuguese, the version in Portuguese of Portugal, the King James Version of 1769 (NGLISH), the Webster and Darby (English) and New Testament in Greek. As the software is open to updates and additions, just visit the downloads page and download the translation in the language you want, installing the program folder.

Some translations are available:

Software: Bíblia Eletrônica THE WORD, versão modificada


Plataforma: Windows9x/Me/2000/XP

Distribuição: Freeware

Limitações: Não expira

Tamanho: 11 Mb- arquivo .zip (na configuração dessa versão modificada)

Produtor: www.theword.gr

Requisitos para sistemas LInux: necessita do Wine instalado e descompactador tipo zip ou winrar.



For more details on the software, click here

To download translations into other languages, click here 

To download the basic version of the traditional, click here -1,51 Mb

To download the English versions click here-3,96 Mb


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